Watch What Happens When You Use iPhones As Brake Pads

This is Bizarre...

#2 Expensive Commodities

#2 Expensive Commodities

If I ask a very rich person about the most expensive goods that he/she owns, the answer would be His Car (Porsche, Ferrari or a Mercedes) and his Apple products. Cars and cell phones tell you a lot about a persons financial condition. What if you use an iPhone as a break Pad of a Porsche? Seriously, What if?

Alright, so this is actually the great sort of question that has zero practical purpose for life, because when the hell would you need an emergency replacement for your brake pads and decide to just use a bunch of spare phones instead? But really, solid question. You will get the answer of this question on the next page. Check out the video and know it yourself...

#1 The Video

I know you are mighty interested in knowing what happens next. Here's what actually happens, as you might guess. iPhones, oddly enough, do not make for great brake pads. In fact they make for terrible brake pads. Not every expensive thing can do everything to perfection you see!

Not only does iPhones make your brakes feel all weird, but they don't actually stop you, they catch fire, and they turn into shrapnel whipping around your wheels, brakes, and suspension. So check out the video to see all this yourself...

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