Watch What Happens When You Put Apple Watch In A Blender

Don't try this at home...

#2 Apple Watch

#2 Apple Watch

Ok, honestly speaking, even we don't like these experiments where you destroy an expensive object just for the sake of it. We completely understand that someone has worked really hard on this object in very less payment but at the same time, we also believe that such experiments are important as they question all the claims done by the company and Manufacturers. And here we are talking about Apple's highly hyped watch.

Say you're making your morning smoothie and that brand new Apple Watch on your wrist comes loose and falls into the blender - while it's running. A pretty unlikely scenario, yes, but stranger things have happened, right? So what will happen, will the watch blend or as the company claimed, it's material is very strong and it will act against the blade of the blender leaving them sharp less? Get the answer in the video on the next page.

#1 The Video

How would the high-tech timepiece hold up against super-fast blades of steel? Well, the result isn't surprising. In fact the surprising part is the end. We all somehow knew that after being blended in a blender, this smart watch will be destroyed, but to this extent? That is shocking!

Its a humble request, please do not ruin your expensive things like this unless you are a scientist and working on a project like this. For now, check out what happens with the watch...

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