Watch What Happens When You Drop An iPhone 6s Into Burning Lava

The results are shocking...

#2 iPhone

#2 iPhone

iPhone is such an expensive product. In the market, we have normal not so smart phones, smartphones and then we have Luxury phones like iPhone. Apple's latest iPhone 6s may well be the hottest phone in the market, but has it got what it takes to survive a drop into hot lava? The latest gadget faced its toughest test when a YouTube user filmed what happens when it's engulfed in molten rock. The result is predictable but strangely compelling to watch and could be useful if you spend a lot of time around active volcanoes.

There have been little complaints here and there about the phone. Users may have been complaining of a hot Touch ID button recently but this video by YouTube user, TechRax, takes things to the next level as a new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold is placed in the path of a slow-moving flow of lava to see what happens. As the lava agonizingly consumes the device it unsurprisingly catches fire in seconds and explodes open. Check out the video on the next page to see what happens with this iPhone 6s...

#1 The Video

So before you see the video, what do you think would've happened with the phone? Any guesses? Well, Phone is retrieved with a stick before it's completely swallowed up and then examined. Despite a stronger 7000 series aluminium body, it's no match for heat hitting nearly 1,250 degrees. The body is torched. Did you actually think there would be any other outcome? The screen, however, with its latest ion-strengthened glass seems to fare rather well as there's not a crack in it.

This not so scientific experiment doesn't exactly prove anything other than what we all expected. It may be a satisfying watch for Android fans though. For us, it is more painful to see a phone that is so expensive ($949 in the US market) be destroyed in seconds. So please, do not try this! Now check out the video...

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