Watch What Happens When You Drop A Bowling Ball And Feather At The Same Time In A Vaccum

I never expected this!!!

#2 Bowling Ball And A Feather

#2 Bowling Ball And A Feather

In most of our articles, we've mentioned the glory of conducting fun scientific experiments. Every experiment is unusual but the end result is fantastic. Even this experiment is unusual because of the the combination used to conduct this. Here we are using A Bowling Ball and a feather. Never heard of this combination, have you?

Brian Cox visits the world's largest vacuum chamber and conducts the timeless experiment of dropping a bowling ball and a feather at the same time. What happens next is simply amazing. Check out the video on the next page to see the conclusion of this experiment yourself...

#1 The Video

So let us tell you what happens in this video. First they drop the two objects in a normal setting, the bowling ball hits the bottom first while the feathers float down through the air.

Then they take all of the air out of the room and test the experiment again. Interesting, isn't it? What happens next is brilliant. Check out the video below and get stunned. Also, let us know your reactions by commenting below.

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