Watch What Happens When This Car Crashes Into A Wall At 190 Km/h

Have you ever seen a car crashing into the wall at the speed of 190 km/hr? Well, check out this video and you'll be stunned for life.

#2 The Car Crash

#2 The Car Crash

If any of you have ever been into a car accident before, you would know the trauma. But the kind of crash we are about to show you is the rarest of rear. So let us ask you the question again. Do you know What Happens When This Car Crashes Into A Wall At 190 Km/h.

The fact is that driving at fast speed fills us with an adrenaline rush that is quite unlike any other that we've experienced. Oh, the thrill and the pumping of blood. However, have you ever wondered how bad would the accident be at such high speeds? CHECK out the VIDEO on the next page to see what happens with the car.

#1 The Video

Before showing you the Video, let us give you a brief overview of the same. Some chaps from the UK decided to carry out a demonstration that depicted exactly What Happens When This Car Crashes Into A Wall At 190 Km/h. The team from the fifth gear show used a catapult, a Focus and a wall to carry out this demonstration. The Focus was smashed into the wall at a speed of 120Mph using the catapult and this would help you appreciate how bad an accident can occur when you drive at such high speeds. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this demonstration.

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