Watch What Happens When A 10,000hp Engine Is Mounted On A Piece Of Plastic

I would bet this is a world record...

#2 A 10,000hp Engine

#2 A 10,000hp Engine

You must have seen tons of live shows but this one is different. When we say that this is a world record, we mean it. Speaking about 10,000 HP engine, it is about twice as powerful as the engines installed on some modern diesel locomotives, and approaches the power output of the largest aviation turboprop engine ever built.

So now that you have a rough idea about the strength of A 10,000hp Engine, try and imagine what would happen if it is mounted on a piece of plastic? Check out the video on the next page to find all your answers...

#1 The Amazing Video

When you'll see the video, you'll be stunned. This engine is so powerful that it literally makes the water follow it. This is crazy and insane. Everyone who saw this live was stunned. No one could believe what happened in these 10- 15 seconds. Believe it or no, but here the boat touched 262mph on WATER. Seriously...

After watching the video for the first time, you might want to see it again and again because of its brilliance. So without wasting much time, check out the video to see what happened actually and share your views regarding the same with us by commenting below.

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