Watch What Happens To This Teen After Pointing Laser To A Helicopter

This is some serious stuff...

#2 Security

#2 Security

No matter which country you live in, the security matters in each and every country are very strict. So never ever try to breech any such line intentionally or unintentionally. In this case, this teenager committed the biggest and stupidest mistake of his life till date. Pointing a laser to a helicopter is not cool at all.

Whatever happened next is something to look out for. Also, the video that we are about to show you of this incident is so amazing that you might just not believe your eyes. A perfect display of Technology! Check out the video on the next page...

#1 The Laser Video

Before you see the video, let us give you an outline of what has happened. Air2 was assisting uniform officers on the ground, who were responding to a weapons call. The strikes continued as the crew engaged in safety measures. Air2 observed three men standing next to a vehicle at the end of Jenna Court. One of the men was seen pointing a handgun at the helicopter that had a laser pointer on it. Following the arrest, officers with/of Air2 were able to locate the handgun, which turned out to be a pellet gun with a laser scope mounted on it.

You don't get to see such amazing videos everyday, so today, make the most of it. Check out the video now and let us know about your views in the comments column below...

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