Watch This Monster Machine Shred Cars Into Pieces Like A Tissue Paper

This looks amazing...

#3 Machines

#3 Machines

I strongly believe the machines are nothing less than a work of art. The artists who make this glorious piece of art are called mechanics. Right from the brilliant Tattoo machines working in slow motion to The Worlds Most Unusual Vending Machines , you've read about it all here in the past. But now the machine that we are about to show you is different from all of these. Here, we are literally talking about a monster. Meet the Master Shredder that is also known as 'Universal Shredder' and has an official name of VZ-950.

This Universal Shredder literally eats the cars put in it. It has been created by a company known as Arjes and it carries out the task of shredding cars that have been disposed. The resulting products are recycled and used again. For more information on this, read the information on the upcoming pages...

#2 The Universal Shredder

#2 The Universal Shredder

This machine is known as a universal shredder for a reason. It's features completely pays justice to it's name and reputation. It employs the use of a 768 horsepower diesel engine and depending upon the kind of material and tools being used, it can generate a force of about 180 t/h. No matter how heavy the car is, this beast will eat it raw and digest it with ease. But the remains then are recycled and used again, so basically this machine is a very Eco-friendly machine.

Our world needs more machines like this that works for the well being of our nature. This is not it, there are more features that you don't know. So keep reading ahead for more information on this and also check out the video to see how this machine works and Shreds the cars.

#1 The Video

This giant car eater also features a reversing function that protects the tools from getting fractured. That's understandable, since unjamming this wonderful machine would be a very tiresome and intricate job indeed and trust me, no human hand would want to repair it by itself. So checkout the video below and you will be actually amazed to see how this machine works. This is absolutely brilliant and amazing...

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