VIDEO: Watching This Giant Vortex Cannon Destroy Things Is So Damn Cool

Have you ever known about a vortex ring?

#3 Vortex Ring

#3 Vortex Ring

Have you ever known about a vortex ring? As indicated by Wikipedia, a vortex ring is a torus molded vortex in a liquid; in particular a district where the liquid for the most part twists around a nonexistent hub line that structures a shut circle.

#2 Giant Vortex Cannon

#2 Giant Vortex Cannon

All things considered, you most likely still have no idea what a vortex ring is. That is alright, since all you truly need to think about it is that it's ridiculously cool.

The folks at BBC figured out how to really form a vortex gun and utilized it to blow a place of blocks over.

Watching it in real life is quite a lot more fun than listening to the hypothesis:

Don't forget to watch video ahead...

#3 WATCH:Watching This Giant Vortex Cannon Destroy Things Is So Damn Cool

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