VIDEO: Most Truck Drivers Would Stop If They Came Across A River. This Guy Had A Different Idea

Do not try this at Home! Not in next thousand years!

#3 The Situations

#3 The Situations

As a driver, there are tons of situations that one has to face. The situation that the driver of this 18-wheel Kenworth semi-truck had to face is undoubtedly the most challenging one and most truck drivers would stop then and there.

But not this one. "Spans? We needn't bother with no stinking bridges" this is what he might have said before driving.

#2 The Suicide Mission

#2 The Suicide Mission

Whenever you see a river, you either change your way or stop right there, but this truck driver had different plans. Given the condition of the waterway (towards the start of the video you can see what seems, by all accounts, to be a little creature being conveyed downstream), attempting to drive a truck through is by all means a suicide mission.

But I guess, this guy is a daredevil. You totally need to see what happened after he jumped into the river with his gigantic truck.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

This 18 wheeler mammoth truck was on a deadly path. But then, there is a reason why these trucks are regarded so highly. Do not try do something like this with your vehicle.

Checkout the video below.

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