VIDEO: Behold The Tweel, A Tire That Never Goes Flat! 'Tweel' Airless Tire!

Checkout this one solution to all your tire woes. Thanks us later...

#3 Tire Problems

#3 Tire Problems

In case you are an avid driver you'd know the kind of hard work a spoiled tire can make you do out of nowhere. Now imagine a situation on a summer noon mid road with no help around.

What will you do? How will you change your tire? Well, here's an option. What if you find a solution for all you tire related problems in one go?



Get ready for this long name, MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF Airless Radial Tire, basically, a tire wheel. This new innovation in the tire world promises to solve all your tire woes.

It is a progressive new innovation charming everyone by its utility. This is obviously not like your regular tire.

Checkout the video ahead to see what it is.

#1 The Video

This really is a one single unit which is made to supplant the whole tire - wheel - valve gathered and make your life simpler. The best part about these tires is that they have steady center stature which is there to guarantee that the trimmer deck is delivering an even cut.

Checkout the video ahead to know more about these tires.

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