This is some crazy stuff!

#2 The Boat

#2 The Boat

Every speed and adventure lover is a huge bike or a car fan. I am sure, all of you must have experienced the thrill of speed on roads, but how about water? What about boats? Which is the quickest boat you've ever been into? Well, get ready for some unbelievable action!

This has to be one of the most expensive boat ever. This awesome MTI built ZR1 Corvette themed Speedboat is powered by multiple supercharged LS9 engines and it is fully carbon-fibered! Thanks to the engines and the light weight, it can develop 2700 horses on water, which is with no doubt a massive power for a boat. If you ever thought of buying this marvelous ZR48 beauty, then be prepared to spend $1.7 MILLION! Yes, a boat worth $1.7 Million! Check out the video on the next page to see why this boat is so expensive...

#1 The Video

Now you must be wondering why is the boat so expensive? Well, there are many reasons for it. This carbon fiber built Corvette-inspired speedboat has been shown in many blogs and posts online over the past few weeks and months. At Adrenaline Watch, we think it's worth sharing again because it looks so dang awesome. The Tennessee manufacturer, Pier 57, provides a spec sheet that says this powerboat can reach up to 180 mph with its two 1,350 hp turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines. Now this demands a huge sum, doesn't it?

This video is amazing. Also, the design of the boat is brilliant. It looks royal and expensive. In fact, it kind of looks like a batman's boat! Jokes apart, check out the video and let us know about your views regarding how adventure friendly is this boat according to you!!!

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