This is What Happens When The Human Body Is Exposed To Radiation (Graphic Content)

Exposure to radiation can be disastrous.This poor soul learnt it the hard way

#2 Be Warned

#2 Be Warned

Before you look at the picture on the next page you should be warned. This picture is not for those with a faint heart. Many strong willed individuals feel sick when confronted with this image. It shows the effects of nuclear radiation on the human body. You have been advised. Go to the next page at your own risk.

The radiation took place in Japan at the reprocessing facility of Tokaimura on the 30th of September 1999.The victim was 35 year old Hiroshi Ouchi. The cause of the accident was the depositing of a uranyl nitrate solution, which contained roughly 16.6kg of uranium, into a precipitation tank, exceeding its critical mass. The result was disastrous for his body. The Neutron beams ripped through his body and shredded even his DNA to bits. Despite the damning exposure of radiation, Ouchi was conscious for some time in the aftermath. When he was wheeled in the doctors knew they couldn't save him. The exposure had just been too much. But Ouchi spoke to them. Remaining conscious he spoke to the surgeons about his condition which gave the doctors some hope.

That is until his skin and flesh began falling off.

#1 Hiroshi Ouchi

#1 Hiroshi Ouchi

Hiroshi's condition worsened day by day. His body relinquished control of his intakes and excretions. He was kept alive for an unbelievable 83 days with the aid of machines for medical reasons.He had to be put into a coma soon after his symptoms became too painful for him. His skin and flesh blistered and began to fall right in front of the doctors.His body organs failed collectively, and he lost an astonishing 20 Kgs of body fluids in a single day, and more had to be pumped into him as well as a huge amount of blood transfusion.

Hiroshi was a special case, his body was monitored round the clock by a dedicated team of nurses, specialists, and scientists. Stem transplants, skin grafts, and other unconventional surgeries were all carried out on his deteriorating body during those days. None of the treatments worked. His neurological DNA itself had been damaged. There was no chance of survival.

The picture is proof of just what nuclear radiation is capable of doing. Nuclear radiation has existed for a long time and it will stay for a long time. Maybe this is the sign that man should not try to tame substances far beyond his understanding. Maybe we need to learn just when to stop.

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