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#2 Stone Age

#2 Stone Age

Remember our History lessons in school about stone age people? They didn't had technology like we do and the people back then had nil knowledge about science (this is what we like to believe). But even then, they somehow survived! What if we are put in such situations and asked to survive like them? Are we ready for the worst scenarios that mankind could face? The answer is a very obvious NO!

We can't help you completely but ya, we can show you some useful life tips time to time to prepare you for the worst! The tip that we have today is brilliant and might just act as a life saver in deadly situations. Check how this guy uses a gum wrapper to produce something extraordinary on the next page...

#1 The Video

Here's the point, a survivor is a fighter who is ready to fight with any situation to save his life. And after watching this video, you'll be a step closer of becoming a survivor. This man uses a gum wrapper and a battery and comes up with something brilliant.

This tip will specially work when you go for camping and in Jungles. The combination of a gum wrapper and a battery produces fire. To know how, check out the video below and improve your surviving skills!

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