This Simple GIF Vision Test Will Show You How Good Your Eyesight Is

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#2 Eyesight

#2 Eyesight

Have you ever wondered how important your eyesight is? Sit back and take some time to imagine what you will do without your eyesight. Unhealthy eyes means unhealthy life and the realities of an unhealthy life are tragic but true. Even if you can properly see, you should always make sure that your eye sight is healthy. Keep taking tests. The more you test your eyes, the healthier they end up to be. So here we have one such test for you that will give you a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your eyesight.

The test below is made by combining the picture of Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. Scientists recently dove into the topic of vision and provided this Monroe/Einstein test to illustrate low and high spacial frequency.

#1 The Test

#1 The Test

The test is very simple. Take a look at the image above and tell me what do you see? Is it Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe? Well, The secret to your success in this test is to see Einstein as soon as possible. The sooner you realize the image is actually of the brilliant scientist, the healthier your eyes are. So now you know whether your eyes are fine or no!

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