This Is What Happens When You Short Circuit 244 Batteries Together

Please, Do not try this at home. This is very dangerous. Watch!

#4 Weird Experiments

#4 Weird Experiments

And here we are back again with another weird experiment that you obviously can't try in your houses without any expert supervision. This involves 244 9V batteries.

So generally, what do you do with these batteries when their entire energy is already sucked? You conduct weird experiments and all but what this guy does is very different.

#3 So Many Batteries

#3 So Many Batteries

So this guy must definitely be crazy. He had a collection of 244 9v batteries to which he shorted at once and did other crazy things like trying to pass current through an old CD and a LED.

The end result is crazy (as one can expect it to be). Checkout the video ahead to see what happens by the end of this crazy experiment.

#2 This Experiment

#2 This Experiment

So this guy rounded off his crazy experiment with the help of a working capacitor. What came in the end is kind of amusing. The experiment is interesting and there are parts that you will really enjoy. Take a look at the video ahead right now.

#1 The Video

We repeat ourselves again, please do not try to conduct this experiment alone without any expert guidance. This can be much more dangerous than it looks. Checkout the video of this experiment now!!!

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