This Is What Happens When You Run An Engine Without Any Oil

This is why it is never a good idea!

Do you know what happens to your car when you try to run on low oil or without any oil? Well, the repercussions of this is really more severe than you might have thought.

It is essential that your tank is full of fuel to ensure your engine works smoothly.If you have been driving your car on low oil levels, it’s time to repair that.

You should really be vigilant of everything that happens to your vehicle to avoid the unnecessary wear and tear. When you try to run your engine on low oil or no oil, the small amount of oil being pushed around the engine block keep getting hotter.

Keep reading to know what happens when it gets hot!

This causes the oil to break down faster as it is not given enough time to cool down before going back into circulation.

Are you thinking synthetic oil is the solution? Well, clearly you don't know much about that. We've got some important information to tell you about it as well. Continue reading to find more about it.

Though synthetic oils will last longer than refined oil, they will also break down eventually. As the temperature rises, the oil experiences several reactions such as oxidation, thermal degradation, and compressive heating. With less oil, these processes will accelerate due to the extreme conditions.

All this uncertainty will create the things oil is supposed to eradicate like tar, sludge, varnish, etc. These carbon deposits will start to build up inside the rings, bearings, cylinder walls of your engine. When these carbon deposits increase, anything that encounters them gets sticky and hard, increased by the heat. This starts the extreme process of friction between the parts causing more deposits and producing more friction due to high heat and no new oil.

With so much damage, the metallic surfaces inside the engine will become susceptible to this process. Mostly some part of your engine breaks down eventually. The first thing being the main bearing.

Discarding the main bearing means that the friction on the bearing at the rod journal of the crankshaft becomes too high. This will surrender the strength of the rod and results in its catastrophic plastic deformation. As this happens, the piston inside the bore goes down permanently since the rod is no longer attached. It will even slip down to the oil pan and tossed around inside it, while the rod itself will break and force itself out the side of the engine block.

Hence, it is really important to keep a check on the oil levels!

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