This Is How You Can Make Your Own Battery With...Wait, Pennies?!

Worth a try!

#2 Batteries

#2 Batteries

Now when our remote batteries die just when we want to change the channel is a very annoying feeling that all of us hate. We've all been there! The remote's batteries die when you're in the middle of an entire series on Netflix. So what to do? The logical answer would be running to the store and buying a new set of batteries. But you don't really have that amount of time, do you?

So here we are about to tell you a very easy way to make your own batteries quickly. To know the requirements to make this and the procedure, check out the video on the next page!

#1 The Video

Good thing you can create your own Remote with just the spare change rattling around in your wallet. No complicated steps or objects involved here. So here are the things that you need to make your own batteries.
-Aluminum foil
-Wires to connect to whatever you'd like to power up.
We assure you that this is seriously very simple. Check out the video to see the procedure of making this batteries.

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