This Is How An Oil Platform Gets Towed To Sea When You See How Big It Is? OMG.

Someone call a physicist. This can't be possible.

#3 Massive Oil Platform Gets Towed Out To Sea - It's Overwhelmingly Huge

#3 Massive Oil Platform Gets Towed Out To Sea - It's Overwhelmingly Huge

Taller than the Sears Tower in Chicago by 150 feet and made of 10 times the amount of steel as the Eiffel Tower, the oil platform best known as Bullwinkle is a feat of human engineering.

Listed as one of the marvels of the 20th century, it was driven out into the Gulf of Mexico in 1988. And as it went, it was captured on video for all the world to see.

#2 HUGE !

#2 HUGE !

#2 Not only is the structure itself baffling, but look at the size of the boat pulling it in comparison! Crazy.

See ahead how big it is.

#1 Watch video

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