This Intelligent Car Battery Won't Die No Matter What You Do

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#3. Introduction

#3. Introduction

It's a terrible feeling. You're already late for wherever you're going, so you rush into the car and slam the door shut. You put the key in, give it the usual twist and ... nothing, not a peep. Dead battery. Many a driver has experienced this issue at one point or another, and most would prefer not to repeat it. The Ohm smart battery was designed to help make sure you never do.

The car battery is one of those items that most people really don't want to think too much about. They want to replace it as infrequently as possible and then have it just work, every time, without fuss.

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#2. ohm Intelligent car battery

#2. ohm Intelligent car battery

Silicon Valley startup Ohm Laboratories believes there's some room for improvement and new thinking, though. More than just a battery, Ohm battery is an energy storage and management system in a battery-sized case. Its integrated processor monitors power level and automatically cuts power when the battery drops to a critical level.

As per Ohm, the LiFePO4/super-capacitor assembly imparts a life span of 7 years to the battery. This is about twice the size an average lead acid battery is able to crank out.

Claims for better performance in cold weather have also been made. Right now it is in prototyping phase and weighs in at 2.7kg.

#1. How does this help?

#1. How does this help?

When you accidentally leave the lights on, Ohm will automatically shut itself down before it dies and shall be able to switch itself back on after about 30 seconds once you start the car up.

Instead of lead plates, Ohm brings in a more modern, two-part system: an EDLC supercapacitor capable of dumping enough energy to start your engine, and a set of smaller batteries (LiFePO4, which contain no toxic heavy metals) to keep things powered when the engine is off.

Unfortunately these features make it more expensive than your regular battery as the company has estimated that it will cost $200 upon its release.

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