This Guy Fixes His Bent iPhone LIKE A BOSS

You can do this too. Checkout the video...

#3 iPhone

#3 iPhone

Geek heads are capable of doing anything. They'll find things around them that they can work on. And if somehow they do not get anything to work on, they'll create something crazy and start fixing it.

Not that it regularly happens but iPhone can get little bendy after a while. A dude looked at this rare flaw as an opportunity and started bending all the rules to fix the bendy nature of his iPhone.

#2 Fix It Like A Boss

#2 Fix It Like A Boss

Are you terrified of your new iPhone bending? Or maybe yours has already bent, this guy shows you how to fix it like a boss. Obviously, you can buy a cover for your phone and hide the flaw from the world.

But let us be little mechanical in our life and fix your expensive iPhone like a perfectionist and flaunt it back.

Checkout the video ahead...

#1 The Video

Whatever you see in the video is done by an expert. If you do not know how to handle these tools then please don't. In the process, you might just end up spoiling your phone completely, so please be careful at every point.

Checkout the video now.

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