This British Inventor Created Magnet Shoes...Where He Walks With Them Will Amaze You

These shoes are nothing less than a super power for us... Check it out.

#3 Superpowers

#3 Superpowers

If you are a superhero flick geek, you know you want to be that someday. To become a super hero, one needs special super powers. So if you get a chance of selecting your own superpowers, what will they be?

In my head, running as fast as flash is on top of the list. But unfortunately, science hasn't invented a route to time travel. Nevertheless, there is another superpower that can be practiced for real by us now.

#2 Walking On The Roof

#2 Walking On The Roof

The superpower that I am talking about is walking on the walls and ceilings. Meet Colin Furze, a British stuntman and film-maker. This man is extremely popular for all his inventions.

Furze holds the world records for longest motorbike, fastest mobility scooter, and fastest stroller. His latest invention will make him more popular in this world as it will fulfill your wish of walking on the ceiling.

Keep reading ahead to know more about his latest invention.

#1 The Magnetic Shoes

Furze's latest invention is X-Men-inspired magnetic shoes, which completely hold his weight while he walks on the ceiling. I wonder what it feels like to walk on the ceiling like this.

Checkout the video ahead to see the footage of these shoes in action.

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