This 360 Degree Video Shot With 6 GoPro Cameras Will Blow Your Mind

This is stunning...

#2 GoPro

#2 GoPro

So much is said and written about GoPro already. We all now that it is the best adventure camera in the world currently. We also know that it is very expensive but justifies its high price with its high quality performance. But do not just think that Gopro is the king of quality pictures, it gives out brilliant videos as well. Jonas Ginter, a German based photojournalist created a stunning 360 degree video using 6 GoPro cameras mounted on his bike.

If all this while, you thought those 'miniature world' photos were cool, the video on the next page will make you wish you had a bunch of GoPro cameras lying around to play with. So see the video on the next page to get stunned!

#1 The Video

So let us give you some background of this video before we show it to you. Jonas 3D-printed the mount, attached the cameras and went for a bike ride through a park. Jonas says that he spent a little over a year trying various methods to make a video version of the miniature world with disappointing results.

But how did his this video version turned out to be? Well, you should totally check this one out. Check out this video and it'll definitely blow your mind off!

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