These Guys Made Homemade Fire Tornado Using Kerosene That Is Totally Mesmerizing

These Youtuber's made a crazy fire tornado. And then they slowed it down.

#3 Homemade Fire

#3 Homemade Fire

YouTube has become the global phenomenon that everyone is using. Youtubers have become the new celebrities. Every Youtuber wants to find something new and exciting. Something to keep the viewer interested.

But these guys know just what their audience wants to see. Daniel Gruchy and Gavin Free are famous Youtubers who film crazy stunts for a living. They run a youtube channel called "The Slow Mo Guys". For their latest video these guys came up with a tornado fire concept that makes an excellent party trick for you to pull off. Just go to the next page and learn how to do it yourself and wow all your guests.

#2 How They Did It

#2 How They Did It

To do this yourself you will first need 12 electric fans. What 'The Slow Mo' Guys did was they arranged these fans in a circle as though encircling a bonfire. They ensured that these fans were placed at an equal distance from each other. They then lit a fire in the middle and got to work.

Just so you know, fire tornadoes exist in real life but are incredibly rare. These real fires are enough to cause mass panic among people. But this homemade fire can make all your guests scrape their jaws off the floor. Go to the next page to watch the video and do it yourself.

#1 Watch

This is another amazing video. watch it in HD and slow-mo. The way it zooms into the fire and the dancing flames is simply excellent.Watch it and share it with all your friends.

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