There Is A Hidden Map In Your iPhone That Keeps Track of Everywhere You've Been

I never knew this...

#3 Apple

#3 Apple

Just when you think that you know everything aboutApple, something new comes out. We all know about almost all the features that Apple offers but still there's more to know. So, it seems Apple is also in the business of stalking people and tagging their frequent locations.

Yes, apple is actually stalking you. The company is adamant about the fact that the data is stored only in the iPhone itself, and it is used to make the working of traffic routing apps and other metadata services easier and efficient. Read ahead to know more...

#2 Hidden Map

#2 Hidden Map

The details that your phone shows is unbelievable. Now this is one feature that people won't like. Apple knew that there would be a public uproar against the feature, so it has come up with a smart "clean slate" option that clears your GPS history on the map and now you've disappeared from the grid.

We obviously don't want Apple to trace all the places that we visit. Check out the video on the next page to see how it works and where can you find the details in your phone.

#1 The Video

As we mentioned earlier, the amount of detail that your phone save is staggering as it even records how much time you spend at a particular place. This clearly means violation in our privacy. Anyways, checkout the video below to see this feature and let us know whether you are in favor of this or no by commenting below...

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