The Reason He's Holding A Lighter To His Key Is Actually Totally Genius

This is a great DIY hack.

#2 An Emergency Key

#2 An Emergency Key

Losing a key can be a pain. It means that you have to immediately go to the hardware store to get a spare key made or risk being locked out. Neither of those sound like great options. In today's busy world who has the time to go all the way to the hardware store and get a spare key made. Well this idea is perfect just for that situation.

If you want to make a quick one-time-use key for a last-resort type situation then look no further. provides you with a quick way to make an emergency key. You can make that trip to the hardware store at your own leisure. All you need is a tin can, some cello-tape, a lighter and sharp scissors. Go to the next page to watch the video and find out just how to do this.

#1 Here Is How You Do It

Roast your key with a lighter till it has a nice black coating on top. This makes it easier for the cello-tape to capture the form of the key. Now that you know this trick you'll probably want to hide your keys better. Seeing as copying them is so easy and all. Watch and share the video to spread the knowledge.

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