The New Range Rover Sport Rides Up 999 Steps At 45 Degrees Inclination To Reach The Heaven's Gate In China

Heaven's gate is a breathtaking tourist attraction site in China that attracts tourists from across the world. The stairway to the Heaven's Gate promises stunning view and thrilling experience all along the course of journey. You can get to the top via longest cable ride which is 7 Km long and takes around 30 minutes to reach the destination! Watch this Range Rover Sport take the Dragon challenge to ride to the top!

The Stairway To Heaven's gate

The Stairway To Heaven's gate

Heaven's Gate in China is a stunning tourist attraction around the Tiananmen mountain promising spectacular scenic beauty. The stairway covered with clouds all along make the way more breathtaking! The 99 bends road that leads to the stairway often has passengers screaming because of the thrilling experience!

The Longest Ropeway

The Longest Ropeway

The gradient road with 99 bends that leads to the stairway often has passengers screaming because of the thrilling experience!

To reach the top, there's a 7-km long cable ride which lasts for about 30 minutes. It is supposedly the longest cable ride in the world.

The New Range Rover Sports

The New Range Rover Sports

Then there's this way! Just take the all-new range rover sport straight to the top! Sounds adventurous, right? Well, the new Range Rover Sport took the dragon challenge to reach the Heaven's Gate and how!

This hybrid Range Rover is the first vehicle to ever conquer Tianmen Mountain and reach Heaven's Gate undertaking the "Dragon Challenge". Formula E driver Ho-Pin Tung took his 2018 Range Rover P400e up the mountain to complete this challenge! Watch the thrilling video ahead!

Watch The Dragon Challenge Here

This will surely give the adventure junkies a good adrenaline rush!

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