THIS Simple Trick Will Tell You If Your Batteries Are Dead In 2 Seconds. Genius!!

Here's a SIMPLE test to let you know if a battery is dead, and it only takes 1 second!

#3 Easy Battery Test

#3 Easy Battery Test

Here is a foolproof and totally simple way to test to see if your batteries have any juice left in them or if they are dead.

#2 No equipment required

#2 No equipment required

No equipment, you do not need a battery tester or any other type of equipment. Nor do you have to make anything. You simply have to drop your batteries on a table or the ground and depending on how they land, you can determine if they are good or not good. It's literally that simple and it works every time! Find out how to perform this very cool trick in the video to determine if your batteries are good or not.

Do not miss the video ahead.

#1 Watch video:

How To Test a AA battery, Easiest Way For Any Battery Fast, Easy!

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