Stop Throwing Away Those BIC Lighters --With This Trick, You Can Totally Re-use Them

That was easy!

#2 Refill That Lighter

#2 Refill That Lighter

You know those long BIC lighters that are used to light the stove? Yes, those incredibly useful ones with loads of uses like lighting the stove, the fireplace, a candle and whatever else that can be lit on fire. Those lighters were incredibly useful because of their long length making it easy to light anything without the heat ever affecting us.Being useful also worked against it though. Being so useful made the lighter fuel get over much quicker.

Once empty there was no way to refuel these lighters which resulted in them being thrown away even though they were so useful. The only option was to buy a new one which would cost about 5$. But wait, we have a solution which will cost you a lot less. All you need is another lighter. A regular lighter, it's probably just lying around the house somewhere. Found it? Go to the next page and find out just how we can use it.

#1 Pay Nothing

Open up that BIC lighter and you will find that it is just like a normal lighter on the inside. You can easily replace the old lighter with a completely new one. Refill the disposable lighter and you now have one that works as well as a new one. And you had to pay nothing at all.

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