This is what our futurologists are predicting. This is just unrealistically real! Take a look...

#4 The Growing Technology

#4 The Growing Technology

Is there anything in this world that our technology cannot do? Well certainly No! This one is a warning for all men out there. According to Futurologist Ian Pearson, women will have something more than men to have s*x.

Pearson predicted a huge leap in the field of technology that'll give rise to new and advanced stuff in the world of s*x. It is just about to get more interesting.

#3 10 Years From Now

#3 10 Years From Now

"10 years from now and we'll have advanced s*x robots", says Pearson. According to him, having s*x with humanoid robots will be the new thing by 2025! It will even become more popular than having s*x with one another!

This claim sounds a little unrealistic but it isn't ruthless completely. A leading s*x toy shops in the UK, Bondara, has partnered with this published report by Pearson. This sounds tough.

This thing looks interesting and so are its details ahead for future.

Wanna know more about this improved virtual s*x robot? Checkout ahead...

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