Your Facebook Friend Requests Can Cause You Trouble. Check How...

Your security on Facebook is in danger. Take a look...

#3 Facebook

#3 Facebook

Facebook has been the biggest hit of 21st century. When it first came in the public eye, no one really thought that it'll become as huge as it is currently.

No doubt Facebook is very helpful in finding your old lost friends but something is not right currently.

#2 The Friend Requests

#2 The Friend Requests

There might just be something wrong in the friend requests that you get on Facebook now. There's a huge scam that has been reported. So this is what is happening.

-A con artist duplicates a person's Facebook profile using their copied photo and "About Me" information.
-The scammer then sends "friend requests" to entire list of the targeted person's Facebook friends.

This is not where all this ends. Keep reading ahead to know what happens next.

#1 What Happens Next?

#1 What Happens Next?

After all this, there is something more coming your way.

Experts say that someone can learn a lot of things about you by gaining access to all that's on your profile, like status updates, location, date of birth and photos.

They can also send messages to your friends, posing as you, in an effort to learn more about you, ask to borrow money or try to meet up with your friends.

You definitely don't want this to happen with you. Be very sure about the people you add. Do not add any unknown person. Take care of your security.

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