Russia Tests Explosion Proof Suit By Walking A Soldier Across A Minefield

Wait till you see the video...

#3 A Test

#3 A Test

Russia is again on something very crucial. Russian military recently released a video that shows a Russian female soldier walking across a field full of landmines.

The female soldier is walking their for a reason. They are actually trying to test the explosion proof suit by making her walk across a minefield.

#2 Not Even A Scratch

#2 Not Even A Scratch

The mines are placed all around her including one close to her feet but apparently she isn't hurt at all and keeps walking all across the training area in towards the exit point of the field.

All of this without even a scratch? Sounds fishy, right? Well, it looks fishy as well.

Checkout the video ahead...

#1 The Video

The video shows you the exact test in detail and we see a lot of bomb shrapnels whizzing across her body but she is unaffected by the explosion of the incoming pieces of the bomb.

People are suspecting the authenticity of this video. We leave it on you to decide whether to believe it or no.

Checkout the video...

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