Ride This Bike For 60 Minutes To Power Your Home For 24 Hours

We are not kidding!

#3 Electricity

#3 Electricity

One of those many things that a modern day human being is addicted to is Electricity. We simply can't live without it. But at the same time, we can't even help ourselves from wasting it. Power generation is a huge problem in densely populated parts of the world. But if we live in a world that wastes electricity, the same world is also a huge tech hub that can solve practically any problem in picture.

Here we are talking about this bike that'll help you in generating Power. This bike isn't as powerful as that pocket sized bike which was more powerful than a super bike but it still successfully generates electricity. All the required details are mentioned on the further pages.

#2 Fitness Bike

#2 Fitness Bike

This bike is a multipurpose bike. It keeps you fit as well as generates Power for you. Inventor Manoj Bhargava has devised a revolutionary, at-home fitness bike that solves both problems by turning a 60-minute workout into an entire day's worth of energy for your whole home. Isn't this great?

Bhargava was talking about Energy and it's importance in our current world. "Everything requires energy. Energy is the great equaliser," said Bhargava, going on to say that more than half of the world's population does not have access to consistent electricity, or even any electricity at all. A single bicycle could provide electricity to a small village if each household were to spend one hour a day riding it. This way, the entire town will stay healthy and can enjoy the privilege of electricity. Check out the video which shows how this bike works ahead.

#1 The Video

The money collected by selling these bikes will be used in a very good cause. It's makers are planning to distribute 10,000 of these bicycles throughout India during the next year and has pledged 90% of his wealth to charity and research. Hopefully, it'll work properly without any glitches.

Manoj said that if half of the world were to utilize these Free Electric Bikes, half of the world would then be using eco-friendly energy. So checkout the video below to see how to use this bike properly...

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