Protect Your Charging Cable From Ever Getting Damaged With This Simple Trick

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#2 Charging Cables

#2 Charging Cables

What Carbs and proteins are to our body, a charging cable is to your cell phone or a laptop. Therefore, when it spoils, your life bounces up and down. Cables getting spoiled is the worst feeling ever. So here we tell you how to prevent them from a damage.

So first of all, Most of the ballpoints with the click and write option have a spring inside of them. Take out that spring from an old pen that is out of ink. This will help you. Check out the remaining steps on the next page along with the video to see how to protect your charging cable from getting damaged.

#1 Steps And Video

#1 Steps And Video

Once you have the spring, Widen and attach it to the front end of the cable. And after doing that, finally twist it around the cable and firmly attach it. This ensures that the cable remains straight and it prevents the wire from breaking further.

Well, we assure you that by doing this, your cable will never ever get damaged. Totally try this. Also, check out the video to visually see how this is done. You are totally gonna love this one.

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