Police Warn Facebook Users to STOP Using Reactions Function... Here's Why!

Police has a valid point here. I agree. Take a look...

#3 Facebook

#3 Facebook

Facebook has always known to be a very user friendly social networking website. There brilliant features made Facebook the most popular thing in the world.

Recently, they added another feature in the list called REACTIONS. I am pretty sure all of us know what this is. Now, we can react to someones post instead of only liking it.

#2 The Reaction

#2 The Reaction

Although, the people seem to like the new added feature but the Belgian Police are warning Facebook fans not to use the Reactions function if they wish to protect their privacy.

They are very serious about this warning and are even keeping a tab on the Facebook activities. There is a reason why they are warning people about this.

Keep reading ahead to know that reason.

#1 The Reason

#1 The Reason

According to the police, Facebook has the best marketing team possible and they are using the data to learn more about their fans. They even released an official statement.

This is what it says. "Facebook never misses an opportunity to improve the collection of information about us and they proved it again last February."

"The icons help not only express your feelings, they also help Facebook assess the effectiveness of the ads on your profile,"

"The question that some of you have asked me was why Facebook limited them to six.."

"By limiting the number of icons to six, Facebook is counting on you to express your thoughts more easily so that the algorithms that run in the background are more effective."

With your clicks it'll be be possible to determine the [types of] content that puts you in a good mood. And therefore police just warned everyone about this!

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