Physicists Use Simple Calculations To Show Turkey And Russia Are Both Lying About The Downed Jet

Media will never tell you this!

#3 The Growing Tension

#3 The Growing Tension

If you follow various media platforms and read newspapers, you would know that lately, a lot has been said and printed about the new growing tension between Russia and Turkey. A few days ago, turkey pinned a Russian Su-24 near its border with Syria after it allegedly violated it's airspace for several minutes. This gave rise to a huge tension between both the nations.

Just like any conflict, polarizing accounts have been narrated by both the Turks and Russians. Majority of the world is confused regarding the whole situation even when Turkey released a Radar footage of the two aircrafts violating Turkish airspace. But by doing simple physics related calculation, it can clearly be determined that both the nations are lying right now. To see what are they lying about, check out the next page...

#2 Russia's Lie

#2 Russia's Lie

So apparently, Russia claims that as soon as it got hit by the missiles, Su-24s executed a 90-degree turn and crashed nearby. This is just baseless as these homing weapons don't have that kind of momentum to make such a sharp curve possible. There's only one way by which this could've happened.

The only way that it could've happened was if the incoming 100-Kg missile had more momentum than the 15-ton jet fighter flying at just half the speed. Yeah, that's never going to happen unless the missile comes at Mach 30 or something and that is just insane. So very clearly, Russia has lied about the entire situation. But this was Russia's lie, check out how Turkey lied on the next page...

#1 Turkey's Lie

Now that we know how all the claims made by Russia are wrong, it's time to see how is Turkey lying on the entire issue. Turkey claims that the Jet was hit eight kilometers from where it crashed into the ground, and it took almost 50 seconds for it to hit the ground. Even Newton's 3rd law backs this claim made by Turkey.But, Turkey further claimed that the plane was in Turkish territory for about 17 seconds yet they had been giving a warning for 10 minutes while it was near the border. At 980 Km/h that is a perfectly achievable speed for a fighter jet, the Su-24 could have traveled nearly 80 kilometers.

The point here is that how could the Turkish radars predict that the Russian plane would make this minute incursion into their lands when the aircraft was this far away? Also, the Turks showed us that Russian plane traveled into their space for 2 kilometers. At 980 Km/h, the distance can be covered in just seven seconds instead of 17 seconds as the Turks are claiming. For it to be 17 seconds, the plane has to be traveling at 470 Km/h which isn't possible.

So this proves that both the nations are lying about the real situation. Check out the video below to see how the plane was downed by Turks...

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