Paving Contractors Must Use This Paving Machine

One of the advantages of the successful smart Paving Contractors is special point of completion of work in less time and at less cost and with high efficiency

#3 It Saves Everyone Some Time!

#3 It Saves Everyone Some Time!

Road construction work always takes time in my experience. It leads to road blocks, diversions, traffic jams, everything that makes you late for work. The Chinese have already shown us that they can work fast. Now with this invention by Dutch inventor building roads has become as simple as rolling out a carpet.

This machine saves a lot of time and a lot of back-breaking hard work. The amazing machine, named Tiger-Stone, can create an instant road wherever it travels, laying out bricks in formation to create perfect paving. While the system may look complex the maker merely makes use of gravity in an ingenious manner. Go to the next page to see just how the machine works and to watch the accompanying video.

#2 Tiger Stone Paving Machine

#2 Tiger Stone Paving Machine

The machine is the brainchild of Henk van Kuijk, director of Dutch industrial company Vanku, who came up with his ground-breaking invention after deciding that squatting or kneeling down to place the bricks into the ground by hand was too much like hard work. The device, which is as wide as a road and comes in four, five and six-metre widths, is fed loose bricks and lays them out onto the road as it slowly moves along. The tread-tracked machine is electrically-powered, and has few moving parts, so noise and maintenance are kept to a minimum.Once the bricks are in place, all a contractor has to do is go over the new road surface with a tamper, and the new highway is complete.

The specifications of the machine are as follows:
Product Name: Tiger Stone Paving Machine
Brand Name: paving brick laying machine
Model Number: p
Large Size: 6000 x1700x1750mm
Gross weight: 3750 kg
Voltage: according to local conditions

Go to the next page to watch the machine in action.

#1 Watch

The machine is capable of paving over large distances from roads with less effort. It only needs two or three people to work and pave a long distance with much lesser effort than any other method. All of the machines needs are provided with cobblestones. It leaves them on the road to end the work and you get a beautiful painting. Watch and share this video to tell all of your friends about it. And to get it in your city.

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