One SIMPLE Method To Get Those Old VHS Tapes On To Your Computer

This is so simple, it's silly!

#2 VHS Tapes

#2 VHS Tapes

In this world of pen drives and SD cards, we don't even remember the CD's and DVD's that we had once upon a time. In this situation, expecting our folks to remember the very old VHS Tapes will be stupid. But go and check your parent's drawers and you'll still find stacks of old VHS tapes. Be it your old family vacations or your first steps, You'll find everything recorded in those tapes.

But now it's really difficult to relive all those moments as these tapes do not really work anymore and plus, we have the best pen drives or best SD cards with us. The only way is to somehow convert VHS to digital or into a DVD service. I can't imagine anyone would chose to watch tapes over high quality videos online or DVD's. But the question is, how to do it? Yes, we have a solution!

#1 The Video

So here we tell you the solution to get your VHS tape recordings on to your computer. Surely with all this modern technology there must be a way, right? I asked a few friends if they had any ideas, but I had no luck. I thought I might as well look online and see if anyone had the same problem as me.

And look what I found. I was so lucky to come across a really easy Youtube video which showed me how to do it in less than 3 minutes. This brilliant video will solve all our problems related to this topic. So chek out the video right now!

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