New Technology Razor that Shaves Your Hair By Making Use Of A Laser

Shaving is a constant struggle folks. The feeling of fresh shave is something that cannot be attained by any other activity, however, it is part of the package that includes dryness, razor burn and nicks. This is where the Swedish duo comes in with a technology packed razor that is capable of shaving your hair by making use of an actual laser.

#3 Skarp Razor Introduction

#3 Skarp Razor Introduction

The Skarp razor is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating to damaging the skin.
Shaving has been using essentially the same technology for 5000 years. To make any real progress, we needed to take a radical new approach.
2 Billion razors or razor heads are thrown away each year in the US alone! Due to the hazardous nature of the blades, they can't be sorted & no individual municipality or district produces enough to make specialized collection cost effective. So they end up in land fills & garbage dumps.
Many areas of the world are experiencing a drought & paying high prices for water. As these droughts become more common & severe, water usage becomes more restricted.
Even though the Skarp Razor can be used with water, for example in the shower, it doesn't require any water. Which will help you feel better about keeping that lawn green or having that next water balloon fight!
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#2 How it works

#2 How it works

Wavelengths of light had already been discovered that could cut through dark hair, but finding a way to cut light hair was proving incredibly difficult.
After years of research & development, they discovered a chromophore in the hair that would be cut when hit with a particular light wavelength.
Chromophores are particles that absorb certain wavelengths (colors) of light.
This chromophore they identified is shared by every human, regardless of age, gender or race.

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Skarp is raising funds on Kickstarter as of now and has already raised more than $650,000 with about 20 days still to go before the campaign ends.
It can be used on any body part and is unisex. To get Skarp razor by March 2016, you will have to pledge $159.
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