New Quartz Coin Has 360TB Of Data Which Is Capable Of Storing Memory For 14 Billion Years

In there, memories can last forever.

#3 Memories

#3 Memories

Okay, let's be honest here. After watching all those guys like me would have often wondered if what is happening today will ever be remembered in the future. Well, looks like now we will be remembered. All thanks to a quartz coin! Yup, a small quartz coin is capable of storing 360TB of data of any kind for a duration of 14 billion years....And that my friend is forever.

You ask me why? Read on!

#2 14 Billion Years

#2 14 Billion Years

Did you know the Earth is 4.534 billion years old? While the Universe is 13.82 billion years old? And this small quartz coin can store data for 14 billion years. See where I am getting here? This means that whatever information is stored on this quartz coin will live on long after everything we know right now is gone. Some might even call it our legacy(But I hope....2016 is not ever mentioned on it. You know why).

#1 Laser Tech

This amazing quartz coin tech was developed by researchers at the Southampton University in the UK. The data is stored digitally using laser technology. Just think, one sliver of nanostructured quartz can store 360 terabytes of information. Which if the experts are to be believed, can store the entire history of mankind.

Find out more about this amazing tech right here!

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