NEVER MAKE DIESEL DAVE ANGRY: Look what happened to a guy who left his car on a diesel pump

This is a lesson that it is never a good idea to mess with a bigger vehicles then yours.

#2 Diesel Dave Is Angry

#2 Diesel Dave Is Angry

Owning and maintaining a car is already quite a headache, but it can become even worse when you add in the people out there on the roads. People can be stupid and annoying, especially those with a drivers licence. They can be dangerous out on the road and outright ridiculous when it comes to parking. But Diesel Dave has had enough. He's going to something about it.

Who is Diesel Dave and why should I care? Diesel Dave is the owner of the YouTube Channel Diesel Sellers and the real question should be what did he do. Diesel Dave says he hates these 'gassers' parking their cars in front of the Diesel pump. Isn't everybody? But Dave here has a plan. What did he do? Go to the next page to watch it yourself.

#1 Diesel Dave Won

Diesel Dave decides to take matters into his own hands. He got out of his car and just did this. He won. With just one simple move. And no time being wasted.

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