Mercedes Congratulates BMW on 100 Years!


#3 The Friendly Competition

#3 The Friendly Competition

What happens when one top shot congratulates another one on their big day! Honestly, both Mercedes and BMW have been on the run for securing the top position in the automobile world.

But, when BMW celebrated their 100 years, Mercedes extended a warm and friendly congratulatory invitation to the team at BMW!

#2 An Invitation to visit the Mercedes Museum

#2 An Invitation to visit the Mercedes Museum

In a friendly congratulatory note, they also offered the team at BMW, an invitation to visit their museum. Apart from it, they will also be serving a special treat for the BMW employees in order to celebrate their accomplishment!

This gesture has been highly appreciated from across the world as a token of respect and admiration amongst the severe competitors!

Know more about 100 years of BMW in the next section!

#1 100 Years Of BMW

#1 100 Years Of BMW

Established in March 1916, BMW has come a long way to be the one of the best automobile company in the world. Both Mercedes and BMW are fierce competitors and it is evident even with their advertisements. However, when it was the turn to appreciate the competition, Mercedes, which was established 30 years before BMW wrote kind words for its competitors and this gesture was really appreciative!

Here's what they said, "“We warmly congratulate the globally renowned company BMW on its anniversary and invite all employees of BMW AG to discover the complete history of the automobile at the Mercedes-Benz Museum,” stated Ralf Glaser, head of press and marketing at Mercedes-Benz Classic.

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