Thanks To The Google Earth Technology Which Rescued Man Trapped On An Island For 9 Years.

All thanks to this technology...

#4 The Start

#4 The Start

This is a story of 3 friends and how the advancement in technology helped one of them. In tons of movies, we've seen how is it to get deserted on an island. Not a good feeling, isn't it? Now imagine what Adam Jones had to go through when he was trapped on a deserted island for 9 long years and who was rescued using one of the most incredible technological advancements of our time,Google Earth. Here is his story.

So this is how all of it started. Adam Jones and 2 of his friends had taken off for a journey in 2006. They were supposed to travel to Hawaii from their home in Liverpool, crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the Panama Canal on their way. The first part of this voyage completed without any problems but what happened next is crazy. As soon as they reached the Pacific Ocean, their boat got trapped in a huge storm which damaged their electronic equipment and the boat. It also caused his two friends to go overboard and knocked Adam unconscious for 17 days while he drifted in the Ocean.

Check his entire story ahead.

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