Make Your Own Air Conditioner At Home Using Household Items

Necessity can make people create the most amazing things. For example, some people will do almost anything to keep cool in the summer heat. Those of you living in the warmer regions of the world can relate to how frustrating it can be to spend time in a place without proper air conditioning. Well one creative Flickr user created a homemade air conditioner to cool his apartment. Here's how he did it.

#3. DIY Air Conditioner

#3. DIY Air Conditioner

The DIY Air Conditioner was made using easily available household items that cost close to nothing. The air conditioner consists of an ordinary oscillating table-top fan, fish tank pumps, copper tubing and flexible plastic tubing.

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#2. How is Household Items Used

#2. How is Household Items Used

The photos show that the copper tubing has been formed into spirals and attached at the front and back of the fan. The fish tank pumps feed water to the copper tubing to ensure that the fan constantly blows cold air while the flexible plastic tubing connects the copper tubing to the cold water reservoir and allows the fan to swing in its regular fashion. The user has to add ice to the cold water reservoir every 6 hours to ensure that the water inside the reservoir stays cool.

#1. Watch Video

The exact cost is unknown but this is a pretty cheap solution. The only thing you have to be careful about when trying this at home is to make sure the reservoir is placed in a safe place, because electricity and water don't make the greatest combination.

Watch this DIY Air Conditioner Video

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