MIT Algorithm Allows Drone To Fly Through A Forest At 30 Mph Without Crashing

This is the future right here!

#3 The Future Of Delivery Services

#3 The Future Of Delivery Services

Google wishes to make the postal system obsolete by creating carrier drones that can carry parcels and letters for us. The 'wing' project for google will take off by 2017. Until then the drone systems all have some major problems to deal with. Drones controlled by humans have certain drawbacks. We are limited by human range of sight and depth perception. We cannot follow a drone around everywhere to make ensure that it does its job correctly. That would defeat the entire purpose.

Flying a drone around obstacles is a difficult task for people. The only answer is to use sensors and the drones AI to our advantage. This MIT student has made such a thing possible. Not only did he make the improbable come true, his drone can avoid obstacles at speeds as high as 30 miles per hour. Wondering how he did it? Go to the next page to find out.

#2 Because MIT Can

#2 Because MIT Can

It is believed that eventually even the human element in drones will be decreased in the coming years. Flying past objects lying in the path of a robot is the first step towards making it completely autonomous.Various organizations have been working on algorithms and AI systems for obstacle detection and evasion.

MIT, the world's premier engineering institution is at the forefront of drone research. Anrew Barry is a student at MIT. Him and his team have recently come up with a new algorithm that dips, dives and evades through obstacles at a good speed of 30 mph. In a video released by the MIT researchers, we see how the drone can fly through the obstacles with ease. The unmanned drones don't even come close to crashing. They pulled off their maiden run without a hitch.

#1 Watch

Watch the video yourself and see just how far technology has brought us. Andrew Barry is a PhD student at MIT and he uses a stereo camera to shoot video at 120 fps and it can map objects 33 feet from it and thus it can avoid them. Here is the footage for you to watch and share. Let everyone know. The future is here.

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