Watch How to turn your smartphone into a hologram projector

With some common household items, you can actually turn your phone into a hologram projector in five very simple steps.

#2 The Future In Your Hands

#2 The Future In Your Hands

The future is getting closer day by day. And the wonders of the 21st century previously thought unobtainable are now getting closer to its users. This video is just a glimpse of that future. It brings brilliant hologram technology to your home. And the best part is you don't even have to pay for it.

Before we get started here is a list of things you will need.
1. Scissors
2. A pen
3. A graph paper
4. A CD case
5. A utility knife
6. A tape

Start by drawing a rhombus on a graph. Cut out the rhombus you drew and trace it on the CD case. Cut out a rhombus shape in the CD case. Stick them together with cello-tape and there you have it. Go to the next page to watch how on the video.

#1 Share The Future

You probably never thought that your old CD cases might come in so handy. The YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss has many more such videos on his channel. Watch his videos and find other things you didn't know about. Share this amazing life hack and bring the future home.

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