How to supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes

This will save you a ton of time.

#3 Low Battery

#3 Low Battery

Mobile phones were a brilliant invention. They gave us the ability to talk to all of our friends and relatives without having to stay at home. Without having to sit by the phone or wait for a letter.

But these days we face a new problem. We face the constraints placed on us by a finite battery. We face the possibility of having to live life tethered to a charger.

That's no way to live! Here is a method that will help you charge your phone a lot faster.

#2 Supercharge

#2 Supercharge

The best part about this is that this method is completely free. Its just a few easy steps that you have to follow. Once you do, you can immediately see the results.

If you plug an iPhone 6 Plus into a regular wall charger and wait five minutes, you'll likely see a 3% or so increase in battery life. Good news: There's a way to double that. Just watch the video to find out how.

#1 The Video

Most of these tricks can also be applied to any other phone or Iphone!

Share this video to help out all of your friends and family. This emergency charge might just get you out of a sticky situation.

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