How To Lose Your Job In 10 Seconds

10 seconds is more than enough to get fired by your boss. At least this is what this video suggests. Take a look...

#2 World Of Technology

#2 World Of Technology

Life is not about number of years you've lived, life is about the number of moments you've lived in those years. These moments change your life. One moment is enough to make your life and similarly, one moment is more than enough to break your life.

Our world of technology is so much exquisite that a single minor mistake can change the game entirely. Well this is exactly what happened here. As an employee, this is not something that you should be proud of.

The mistake that this guy made could've destroyed so many lives here. Look at the VIDEO ahead...

#1 The Video

Job is important for all of us. But some mishaps leave no room for the employers to retain the employee. 10 seconds, precisely 10 seconds is what this guy took to ruin things for himself at his job site.

This isn't funny. This is just a mistake that should have been avoided. The man who was controlling this vehicle should have been more focused. Such minor incidents decide the course of your life.

Look at the video and see how this man lost his job merely in 10 seconds. Remember, last 10 seconds of the video are crucial here.

How to Lose Your Job in 10 Seconds

How to Lose Your Job in 10 Seconds

Posted by I Hate Smoke on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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