Here's Why You Should Always Safely Remove Your USB Before Plugging It Out

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#3. Introduction

#3. Introduction

I am sure everybody has had at least one experience of getting their Windows corrupt because of a faulty flash drive. The first sign that a USB is getting affected by a virus is when it can't be removed safely from the device panel. While many people don't pay attention to removing the device safely, it is highly recommended by experts and for some solid reasons.

You've probably heard that you always need to use the Safely Remove Hardware icon before unplugging a USB device. However, there's also a good chance that you've unplugged a USB device without using this option and everything worked fine.

Check out the next two pages to get some very useful information about Write Caching and Safely Removing Hardware.

#2. Write Caching

#2. Write Caching

When any operating system detects a USB plug into its motherboard, it creates a write cache to get better performance and speedy data transfer from your computer. If you yank it out without safely removing it, a part of cache remains in the OS and you have no idea what to do with it.

On the other hand if you remove the USB safely, the OS flushes the cache and there is no unwanted packet of data left for the computer to deal with and you get your drive out safe and sound.

But, remember that you should always remove the USB after enabling this, or otherwise the leftover write cache can corrupt your OS.

#1. Safely Removing Hardware

#1. Safely Removing Hardware

Ultimately, no matter which option you use, you should use the Safely Remove Hardware icon and eject your device before unplugging it. You can also right-click it in the Computer window and select Eject. Windows will tell you when it's safe to remove the device, eliminating any changes of data corruption.

If you're using Linux, you should use the Eject option in your file manager before unplugging a USB device, too. The same goes for Mac OS X. But Windows as usual has its own way to deal with this problem.

Many people claiming that it is no big deal, pulling the USB out without safely removing it can cause some problems. It's a good habit to develop and you should practice it if you consider your data valuable.

Safely Remove Your USB Device are words to live by. The better you treat your Windows OS, the better it will treat you.

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