Her House Always Smells AMAZING And People Don't Know Why. THIS Is Her Secret!

Smell plays a very important role in building your image in front of others. A person who smells good is considered to be a far more cleaner individual than the one who doesn't smell that good. Same is the case with houses. Check out this magical spray that works on everything and makes everything smell good.

#3 Smelling Good Is As Important As Looking Good

#3 Smelling Good Is As Important As Looking Good

A good smell always leads to a healthy environment. In fact, smelling good is as important as looking good. There is a reason why perfumes and deodorants are such a hit in this world.

There are times when you enter a place and the odour in the air there is jaw dropping. This is the kind of smell we are talking about.

Let us teach you how to make a magical spray that can be used anywhere and everywhere and will give you a better smell than all the expensive room fresheners and deodorants.

Keep reading ahead to see how this is made.

#2 The Magical Spray

#2 The Magical Spray

The best part about this magical spray is that this is 100% homemade and therefore contains no harmful chemicals. It smells fantastic and does not have toxic ingredients.

Making this is very easy and affordable. Making one such bottle will only cost you 60cents. The secret ingredient that this spray contains is those little beads that you can throw into your wash to make clothes smell amazing. They come in a few different scents. They are called Downy Beads.

The other ingredients that you require are four tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of boiling water. You will also need an empty spray bottle.

Keep reading ahead to see how this spray is made.

#1 The Recipe

#1 The Recipe

This is how you make this spray.

Take a funnel and put the ingredients into the spray bottle. After doing this, shake the spray bottle properly for at least 120 seconds. This is it, it's done. As simple as it gets.

Use this spray everywhere. It works on carpets, curtains, clothes and even furniture.

Share this method with your family and friends.

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